You are the Owner of the Impounded Vehicle, What Next?

You will have questions about where your vehicle is and how to get it back. The agency that arrested you should have provided you with a Notice of Impound that should explain your rights and the process surrounding recovery of your vehicle.

The Notice of Impound should provide the name, address and telephone number of the facility to which your vehicle was towed. The vehicle impound report should also provide the name and contact information of the police station that you would contact to request a hearing.  A hearing allows you to plead your case and explain why you should get your car returned without having to wait 30 days.

If the officer failed to provide you with a Notice of Impound report, you can call the law enforcement agency that arrested you or look on their website and the information should be available.

See “How to get your car — the process explained step-by-step” inside the book, DUI: The Next Day for more details.

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