Work Furlough: Who Gets It?

Who gets it?

The sentencing judge must allow for work furlough in the Order of Confinement. Typically, those convicted of misdemeanor DUI are eligible for work release, whereas those convicted of felony DUI may be eligible for work furlough.

Individuals are not permitted to participate in the work furlough program until they are approved by adult probation and the sheriff’s office of the county in which they will be incarcerated. For example, in Maricopa County, you must be screened by the Maricopa County Superior Court probation department and pass a medical screening test before they allow you to participate in work furlough.

You must have a job and have at least 30 days remaining on your sentence. In addition, your employer and/or school personnel must sign a Letter of Understanding indicating your rate of pay, your work/school hours, that they are aware that you are participating in the work furlough program and that they agree to the terms of the program.

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