Work Furlough: How It Works.

How it works.

Once you have been incarcerated, you will attend the work furlough orientation at the jail. If you are approved during that process, you will be released for a very brief period of time, approximately four to eight hours, to obtain your Letter of Understanding from your employer, your $125 money order and any items of clothing. You will then return to the jail to begin the program. If you can arrange to have these items available to you prior to surrendering to the jail, you may be enrolled into the work furlough program more quickly and therefore return to work more quickly. This includes completing your pre-sentence report writer screening and medical screening test before surrendering to the jail.

The program is administered by your probation officer, who provides the jail your release hours, to coincide with your work hours and to accommodate travel to work.

In general, you may be released for a maximum of six days per week for 12 hours per day. You are not permitted to work in your home, or work for family members or friends. If you are self-employed, you must provide the last two years of income tax returns, or documents that verify that you are a tax paying and/or licensed business entity. Other than being allowed to return home on the first day of admission to the program, you are not allowed to return home during the period of work furlough.

During the program, you are monitored for drug and alcohol use. What this means is that the jail can test for alcohol or drugs at any time it deems appropriate. Should you fail a drug or alcohol test, you may be removed from the work furlough program.

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