What You Need to Know About Work Furlough, Part 2

This is Part 2 of our discussion on work furlough, an incarceration program which may be available to certain people convicted of DUI.  In Part 1, we discussed what work furlough is, who is eligible, and how the program works.  In Part 2, we will address some other questions you may have about the program.

Who decides if I will be removed from the work furlough program?

If you are found to have broken the rules of the work furlough program, such as by failing an alcohol or drug test, your membership can be terminated.  Prior to your being removed from the work furlough program, you are entitled to a hearing before a judge.  For example, if the work furlough administrator (typically this is your probation officer) determines that you were in violation of program rules, they would notify the court and petition the court to have you removed from the program.  At that time, you are entitled to be heard before a judge (a hearing) who will determine if you should be removed from the program.

If I do not have a job, am I eligible for work furlough?

Yes.  If you are unemployed, but are considered to be employable and have at least 45 days remaining on your sentence, you are eligible for a five (5) day Job Search release.  This allows you freedom to search for a job and attend job interviews.

Are there any fees?

Yes.  The initial fee is $125. This fee is then applied towards your work furlough fee. The daily work furlough fees are one hour of your wages plus a $3 dollar administrative fee.  There is a minimum daily fee of nine dollars.  For example, if you make $9 dollars per hour, your daily fee will be $12.

What if I need medication or healthcare?

How your healthcare needs will be addressed depends on where you are housed.   In Maricopa County, it works as follows: while you are housed in the In-Tents, all healthcare medications are provided by Central Health Services (CHS).  Once you have qualified for and been admitted to the work furlough program, you will be transferred to the Con-Tents.  There are no routine or urgent healthcare services available in Con-Tents.  Only emergency healthcare services are available in Con-Tents.  You will be instructed to bring your prescription medication in their original containers and in an amount that will last for the number of sentenced days.  Lockers and refrigeration, if necessary, will be provided to safeguard your medications.

The Legal Jargon: Arizona Revised Statutes § 31-333 to 336.

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