What to believe about Brewer?

Fact or Pre-Election Governor Bashing?

Records from the Department of Public Safety suggest Governor Jan Brewer was involved in a DUI accident in Arizona in 1988.  In May 1988 a car driven by Senator Brewer was involved in a rear-end accident on the Interstate 17.  DPS Officers noticed that Brewer was unsteady on her feet and noticed alcohol odor on her breath.  While at the scene Brewer reportedly failed several field sobriety tests.  Once the DPS officers detained Senator Brewer they drove her to a DPS station to submit to blood or breath tests to determine her BAC.  No such test was ever conducted by DPS and Brewer was released the same day.  The Arizona Constitution prevents lawmakers from being arrested during the legislative session.  The Constitution does not, however, prevent the offender from being charged after the session.  Why did DPS choose not to pursue the case?  Generally DPS forwards cases directly to the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office.  It is curious to note, however, that this event occurred in 1988, twenty-two years ago but suddenly six days prior to an election it becomes newsworthy.  Governor Brewer was not charged and there is no chemical evidence.  As a Senator and now as Governor of Arizona, Brewer has voted in support of harsher penalties for DUI offenders in Arizona.