What questions should I ask when choosing a DUI attorney?

Opening a phone book and choosing a DUI attorney with a large advertisement is not the right way to go about choosing a  DUI defense lawyer. That being said, choosing a top DUI defense lawyer is a very important step to ensure that you have the very best representation possible. Sifting through DUI attorneys can be a difficult and menial task. Here are five things to look for to ensure that the lawyer you choose is the best choice, after all, your case results will have a large impact on your life.
Phone Book

1. What Training Does the Attorney Have?

Research the lawyer’s background and training in DUI defense. Find out if the lawyer has any specialized training in field sobriety or chemical testing. Find out if the lawyer has taken advanced course work in drunk driving defense. Also, go to the American Bar Association (ABA) website and look up your attorney’s law school. If it is not listed, you may want to find a different lawyer.

2. Does the Attorney Have Any Published DUI Law Books or Articles?

Attorneys who have been published are those who are most respected in their field and are recognized by judges for their knowledge and expertise. If the attorney you hire has published works, it’s a safe bet that he or she is a good option for a DUI defense attorney. Also, take note of how frequently the attorney gets published. Those attorneys who constantly write about their area of law are the ones who tend to be most involved with their area.

3. How Many Years Has the Attorney Been in Practice?

There is no substitution for experience.

4. Does the Attorney Have Professional Affiliations?

A good way to determine if your attorney is committed to the field of drunk driving defense is to see if he or she is part of professional member groups. Research if your potential attorney is affiliated with the National College for DUI Defense (NCDD) or The National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL).  The NCDD is a very commendable organization and only those attorneys who have been recommended by at least two judges or other lawyers may be accepted. Furthermore, The American Bar Association recognizes the NCDD as the only organization qualified to name an attorney as a specialist in DUI Defense. In addition, there may be a number of  organizations on a local level for a DUI attorney to participate in.

5. Does the Attorney Have Client Testimonials for Your Viewing?

If a DUI lawyer does his/her job well, the lawyer will be thanked many times by many satisfied clients. If you’re ready to choose a DUI lawyer, you should ask to read some of these testimonials to get a better idea of what the attorney’s performance is going to be like. A DUI lawyer who does their job well should be proud of his/her past performances and should willingly share such information with you.