SIIRDL Is a Special Interlock Ignition Restricted Driver License.

This driver license allows you to drive during a court-ordered restriction such as a suspension, cancellation or revocation. Here is the tricky part: You are technically still under suspension, revocation or cancellation by the court, but you are being permitted to drive to work; school; drug/alcohol screening, education or treatment facilities for scheduled appointments; your probation officer; your healthcare provider(s); and a certified ignition interlock device provider.

Your SIIRDL and court ordered suspension end at the same time.

For example, you have been convicted of two misdemeanor DUIs in an 84-month (seven year) period. Therefore, the Court orders that your license be revoked for one full year. Provided you meet the requirements, MVD will allow you to use a SIIRDL for a portion of that year. At the end of that year, your court-ordered revocation is complete and you are now free to reapply for your driver license. Per the court order, you are required to install an ignition interlock device on your vehicle for least one full year following reinstatement of your license.

Because your license is reinstated, you will no longer have to use a SIIRDL, which is why they end at the same time. You would then have to reinstate your license and continue to have an interlock ignition device on your vehicle as ordered by the court. So, the only real difference between a SIIRDL and reinstatement of your privileges with an interlock is that you are not restricted as to where you drive.

Confused yet? Essentially, the court is saying, “You are still suspended, but if you put a breath test device in your car, we will let you get around a little; otherwise, you must serve your driver license suspension to the date as directed by the court.”
The SIIRDL is a gift bestowed upon you by MVD during your suspension.