What If I Have A DUI From Another State And Get A DUI In Arizona?

Arizona law provides that if you commit an act in another jurisdiction that in Arizona would be a violation of DUI laws, and you later get a DUI in Arizona, you will be punished as if both DUIs were committed in Arizona.

What does that mean?

It means that if you have another DUI conviction from another jurisdiction within the last 84 months (seven years), your Arizona DUI will be treated like a second Arizona DUI.
That means you will face much harsher penalties. See our DUI Penalties chart on page 86 and chapters 4 through 8 detailing the penalties for multiple DUI offenses.

What if I have two DUIs from other States and I get a DUI in Arizona?

If you have three DUIs either from Arizona or other jurisdictions within 84 months (seven years), you will be charged with aggravated (felony) DUI, which is a felony.