What Happens when a Pilot is Charged with DUI?

According to 14 CFR 61.15, a Pilot convicted of an alcohol-related offense must send a notification letter to the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) Security and Investigations Division within sixty (60) days of the conviction, event or administrative action.  When a person reports a DUI arrest or conviction, the FAA will conduct an investigation into the incident.  A person who fails to comply with this requirement may be subject to suspension or revocation of his/her Pilot certificate.  Further, Pilots sign an express consent provision that authorizes the National Driver Register to release information to the FAA regarding his/her driving record.  Therefore, the FAA will be notified of any DUI related charges even if the charged person deliberately fails to provide notice to the FAA.  Additionally, a person must report alcohol related incidents even if it did not result in a DUI conviction.  Finally, a Pilot convicted of two (2) separate DUI-related incidents within a three (3) year period may have his/her Pilot’s license suspended or revoked.

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