Man Faces Twenty Years in Prison for DUI Contact an Aggravated DUI lawyer with Arizona DUI Questions

prison fence Mr. Jack Mizer was recently sentenced to twenty(20) years in prison for drunk driving, and will be in prison until he is in his 70’s.  Although the punishment may seem harsh, prosecutors said Mr. Mizer’s history of DUI left them with no choice but to request a harsh penalty for this occurrence.  According to court records, Mr. Mizer, an admitted alcoholic, repeatedly drove drunk on a suspended license.   For example, less than sixth months after Mr. Mizer served an eight month prison sentence for DUI, he was stopped by Gilbert police and cited for aggravated DUI and driving with a suspended license.  Furthermore, Mr. Mizer was arrested six months later for the same offenses.  On that occasion, Mr. Mizer was seen escorted out of a bar to a bench near a Circle K.  According to a man who witnessed the incident, Mr. Mizer then “stumbled across the parking lot” to his truck and drove himself home.  The man followed Mr. Mizer and observed Mr. Mizer driving erratically.  When Mr. Mizer was home, the man called the police.  Upon their arrival, police found Mr. Mizer passed out behind the wheel with his keys still in the ignition.

Aaron Harder, Chief of the Maricopa County Attorney’s Vehicular Crimes Division, said “it amazes me that he has not been involved in a collision or seriously injured or killed someone. It astounds me. He’s just been that fortunate.”  Letters were written to the Judge prior to sentencing that indicated that Mr. Mizer would be leaving behind a son amongst others.  Specifically, Mr. Mizer’s girlfriend wrote a letter to the court asking for leniency.  In the letter, his girlfriend said “Jack is a good man, but he is a very lonely man. I think what happens is that the loneliness sets in, and he clings to that bottle.”

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