Tucson Police Officer Expected to be Fired for DUI on Duty

Tucson Police Officer Lynsey Coutts was served with a notice on Tuesday May 22nd that she will be fired for drunk driving while on duty. Her termination hearing is scheduled for May 29th.

The 4-year veteran has been working under an agreement since March that prohibits her from working with any alcohol in her body. On Tuesday, the officer reported that she was driving fast and had concerns about possibly hitting other vehicles. According to the report, Tucson Police tested Coutts’ blood-alcohol content and found it to be 0.235%. She was arrested for DUI.

A blood-alcohol content of 0.235% is high enough to charge Coutts with super extreme DUI, a misdemeanor in Arizona. If Coutts is convicted of the offense, at the minimum she will face the following.

  • 45 days in jail (31 days can be suspended)
  • At least $2,750 in fines and fees
  • Suspended driver’s license
  • Ignition interlock device on her vehicle
  • Possible community restitution

These are the mandatory penalties for a first-time super extreme DUI conviction. The consequences could be more severe if she has prior DUIs on her record.

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Photo credit:  Scott Davidson from Flickr