Tips to Celebrate Super Bowl Sunday Safely while Watching the Steelers take on the Packers…Call an Arizona Defense DUI Lawyer to understand Arizona’s DUI Laws

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, forty-nine percent of all traffic accidents on Super Bowl Sunday are alcohol related.  Based on this statistic, the non-profit organization, Washington Regional Alcohol Program, has compiled a list of tips to encourage “safe celebrating” during the Super Bowl: (1) Designate a driver in advance if you plan on consuming alcohol; (2) Plan to take alternate transportation such as a taxi cab; (3) If you are hosting a Super Bowl party, do not continue to serve alcohol to a guest who appears to be impaired, serve food such as meats and cheeses because they stay in the body longer and slow the body’s rate of alcohol absorption, use a non-carbonated base in alcoholic punches because the body absorbs alcohol faster if the alcohol is mixed with carbonation, offer non-alcoholic beverages, do not serve minors, stop offering alcohol at least an hour before the party’s end, do not allow guests to mix their own drinks, and never allow an impaired guest drive; (4) Report suspected drunk drivers; and (5) Wear your seatbelt to prevent crash-related injuries and death.

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