The Importance of Updating Your Address with the MVD

It is the responsibility of all Arizona citizens who possess a driver’s license to keep their address of record up to date with the Motor Vehicle Division.  This may seem like a minor legal quibble, but the consequences of not keeping your address current could be severe.  In a criminal case, it is not an acceptable defense that you did not receive notice from the MVD because they had the wrong address on file.  The following example illustrates how failing to update your address with the MVD can have a serious effect on your life:

Bob is a Phoenix resident who has lived at the same address for many years.  Eventually, Bob decides to move to Scottsdale but never updates his address with the MVD.  Shortly after moving, Bob gets a speeding ticket which he forgets to pay and the MVD suspends his license.  Since the MVD sent the notice to his old address, Bob never finds out.  A few months later, Bob is stopped and charged with a DUI.  What would have normally been a misdemeanor DUI is now an aggravated (felony) DUI because Bob was driving on a suspended license.  After he was convicted, Bob had to spend several months in jail and had his driver’s license revoked.  Committing a DUI while driving on a suspended, revoked, or cancelled license (no matter your BAC) is a Class IV felony in Arizona.

Bob could have avoided a felony situation if only he had kept his address of record up to date with the Motor Vehicle Division.

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