Snobar: Don’t Eat and Drive

A new product is debuting on Arizona store shelves this month: Snobar, the alcohol infused popsicles and ice cream. One serving of these desserts has as much alcohol as a cocktail. Reports indicate that the alcohol content varied between eight and fourteen percent, depending on your selection.

 Hire an Arizona DUI Attorney to defend your rights and defend your case.Currently, Snobar has two flavors of popsicles (Margarita and Cosmopolitan) and four flavors of alcohol infused ice cream (Grasshopper, Pink Squirrel, Brandy Alexander and Brandy Alexander with Chocolate Chips).

Snobar products are available for purchase at Total Wine stores. They will only be sold in stores that sell other alcoholic products.

Besides each box bearing the label, “not for children,” these products look similar to their non-alcoholic counterparts. Parents would be wise to explain to their children that these confections are not for them.

Arizona has some of the strictest DUI laws in the country with mandatory sentences.  If you are going to enjoy Snobar, please consume them responsibly. It is possible to be charged with a DUI if you drive after consuming Snobar products.

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