Simple Vehicle Stop Leads To Criminal Charges

Last week Scottsdale police stopped Chef Eddie Matney, owner and executive chef at Eddie’s House in Scottsdale, subsequently arresting him on charges of drug possession and driving on a suspended license.

Police reportedly stopped Matney because of an obscured license plate. From an obscured license plate to a broken head light, dim license plate light, “weaving” within the lane, or any number of seemingly trivial offenses, one can be pulled over giving the police an opportunity to take what would normally be a warning or notice to repair into criminal charges.

After the stop a standard police check showed Matney was driving on a suspended license. While police waited for a tow truck to impound Matney’s vehicle officers say they found marijuana in Matney’s vehicle amongst fishing equipment. In a statement by Matney he neither knew that he had a suspended license or how the marijuana got there.

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