SIIRDL - What It Is and How You Get One

driving-717567-mSIIRDL is a Special Interlock Ignition Restricted Driver’s License. This license allows you to drive during a court-ordered restriction. It is important to understand you are still under suspension, revocation or cancellation by the court, but you are allowed to drive to work, school, drug/alcohol screening, education or treatment facilities for scheduled appointments, your probation officer, doctor appointments, and a certified ignition interlock device provider.

You can get a SIIRDL through application only. A SIIRDL is available to anyone with a class D or G license suspended or revoked due to:

  1. Refusing to cooperate with a law enforcement officer by providing blood, breath, or urine (“refusal suspension”)
  2. A revocation due to a second misdemeanor DUI within 7 years
  3. An aggravated or felony DUI

Legal Jargon: A.R.S. § 28-1401 and § 28-1402

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