Scram Bracelets

More and more alcohol-related offenders today may find themselves placed under a different kind of detention.  Alcohol Monitoring Systems invented the SCRAM bracelet to detect alcohol use through a persons sweat.  Essentially the ankle bracelet measures a person’s ethanol vapor through their sweat every 30 minutes; the data is then recorded in an online database, and then analyzed to tell if a person has been drinking.

In recent news celebrities like Lindsay Lohan have been ordered to wear the bracelet.  AMS also offers a form of home detention that can keep DUI offenders off the streets at time considered to be prime hours for drunk driving, the hours between 12am and 3am.  Proponents of SCRAMx support that the bracelet will keep more and more people out of jail and allow them to contribute positively to society instead of over-populating jails and ballooning state taxes.  Because the offenders pay for the SCRAMx services themselves they are also saving tax payers money.