Proposed Bills may change penalties for a DUI to affect DUI offenders charged with 1st DUI offense

Arizona LegislatureAs of 2007, according to Arizona Law, first-time DUI offenders are required to install ignition interlock devices in their vehicles.  An Ignition interlock device is a mechanism installed to an automobile’s dashboard that the driver must blow into prior to starting the vehicle. If the driver has any alcohol on his breath, the device will prevent the vehicle from starting. Further, the device will randomly require additional breath samples after the engine has been started.

Currently, there are two bills up for consideration that propose to decrease or eliminate ignition interlock devices as a penalty for first-time DUI conviction.  Specifically, Senate Bill 1200 proposes to decrease the one year ignition interlock requirement for first-time DUI offenders to six months.  Senator Linda Gray, proponent of SB 1200, credits the device for reducing fatalities but believes the twelve-month requirement for first-time DUI offenders is “very punitive.”  According to Senator Gray, “I think people in six months can learn a lesson.”

Alternatively, House Bill 2371 proposes to completely eliminate the ignition interlock requirement for first-time DUI offenders.  House Representative David Burnell Smith is the sponsor of HB 2371. Mr. Smith, a DUI defense attorney, asserts that ignition interlock devices are “financially unfair” to first-time DUI offenders.  According to Mr. Smith, “They have to pay to install it, pay a monthly fee, and then pay to take it off. It would be better to just require more education.”  According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving, the device costs about $120 to install and $80 a month to maintain.

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