Prescott PD uses Pizza to send Underage Teenage Drinking Message to Reduce Underage Drinking Rates

underage drinkingOver the holidays, the Prescott Police Department’s Underage Drinking Task Force reportedly gave 5000 pizza box toppers to local pizzerias and national pizza chains in Prescott that contained a message discouraging teenage underage drinking.  The box toppers were given to restaurants such as Papa John’s, Pizza Hut, Domino’s, Little Caesar’s, Mama Eda’s, Bill’s Pizza and Chi Town Pizza.  According to Prescott Police Officer B.J. Burns, “This is an effort to remind people in the community that underage drinking is a serious crime.”  Additionally, the pizza toppers were designed to encourage parents to talk with their children about underage teenage drinking.

Under Arizona Law, it is illegal for a person under twenty-one years of age to consume alcohol, to be in possession of alcohol and to operate or be in actual physical control of an automobile while under the influence of alcohol.  Therefore, a person under the age of twenty-one involved in underage drinking and driving may be arrested for DUI and will be subject to harsh underage DUI penalties such as jail time, 2-year license suspension, fines and community service. Further, a teenager arrested for either underage teenage drinking or possession of alcohol may be convicted of a class one misdemeanor and receive penalties such as jail time and a fine.

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