Phoenix Police Recording Traffic Stops

According to Phoenix Police Department Spokesman Tommy Thompson, beginning Monday, fifty Maryvale precinct Police Officers will be equipped with cameras to record traffic stops and home calls.

According to the Police Department, in 2011, Officers began using the video cameras, which were purchased with the assistance of a federal grant, as part of a 90-day pilot program.

Because only half of the Maryvale Officers will be equipped with cameras, the Phoenix Police Department will compare the calls with and without the cameras to determine the impact of the camera.

Sergeant Tommy Thompson said, the Department will look to whether the cameras “change [the] behavior of citizens as well as officers and how [the cameras] affect community perception of officers.”

According to the Department, Officers hope the footage will provide evidence in domestic violence cases, for example, where victims often recant their statements in court.

When Officers respond to a call, they will turn the camera on to record video footage that may later be used as evidence.  However, according to the Department, if you are pulled over and do not want to be videotaped, the Officer will turn the camera off at your request.

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