Phoenix Police Department Detective Charged with Extreme DUI

Detective Lori Demski, 36, a 9-year veteran of the Phoenix Police Department, was arrested August 11, 2013 in the Mountain View precinct of the Phoenix Police Department.

Demski’s neighbor, having spotted signs indicating Demski was drunk, called the police alerting them after witnessing Demski drive away from her home near 19th Avenue and Interstate 17.

By the time the police arrived in the area Demski was returning home. Demski is accused of extreme driving under the influence, which under Arizona law indicates a BAC of .15 or greater. The legal limit is .08.

Court records indicate that tests at the scene determined Demski had a blood-alcohol level of at least .20. In Arizona field portable breathalyzer tests are not admissible (as apposed to breathalyzer tests at done on none portable devices and or blood draws which are typically admissible). Prosecutors are awaiting official toxicology to use in the criminal prosecution.

Under Arizona law, persons found guilty of an extreme DUI with blood-alcohol content of .15 receive a mandatory sentence of at least 30 days in jail and fines. The jail time increases to a minimum of 45 days and fines are doubled for someone convicted of extreme DUI with a blood-alcohol content of .20.

Demski is on paid, routine administrative leave from her assignment at the department’s Family Investigations Bureau, and an internal investigation is underway.

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