New York Passed Law to Curtail Painkiller Addiction

New York Passed Law to Curtail Painkiller AddictionNew York State passed a law aimed at minimizing painkiller addiction. It is expected to become the national model for all States.

Under this new law, doctors and pharmacists must consult a database that is maintained in real-time that will show all the medications that a patient has been prescribed as well as their medication history. Every pharmacist must update the database with every prescription that they fill for a patient.

This law is designed to prevent drug addicts from soliciting prescriptions from multiple doctors. It will also help identify when an addict has stolen a doctor’s prescription pad and forged their own prescription. This is the first State law of this kind in this country. This law will go into effect in New York State in 2014.

Prescription drug abuse is considered by some to be an epidemic in the United States. In Arizona, there were more than 14,700 DUI cases due to drugs in 2009. In 2010, there were 305 vehicle crashes that were caused by the driver being impaired by a medication.  Prescription drugs are often more accessible than illegal drugs and many people who abuse prescriptions don’t recognize that they have a problem. In Arizona, you will face the same mandatory penalties for a drug DUI as person who is convicted of an alcohol DUI with a blood-alcohol content that is less than 0.15%. These penalties are found in Arizona Revised Statutes § 28-1381.

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Photo credit: Breahn Foster from Flickr