New DUI TV Show Teaches Drivers What Not To Do

A new reality show on The Learning Channel called DUI debuted this month. The show features drivers being pulled over by law enforcement for suspected DUI. It shows drivers from their first interaction with police and follows them through their arrest, booking, jail, and sentencing. The show also includes interviews with the drivers after they had sobered up where some of them admit that they voluntarily drove after drinking and share their fears about the consequences of their actions.

The show, DUI, is as a guide for what not to do if you are stopped by police for suspicion of driving while under the influence.

  • Do not talk to the law enforcement officer when he/she pulls you over. Calmly hand the officer your driver’s license, registration, and proof of insurance upon request.
  • Everything you say and do can be used as evidence against you. This includes how you drive, how soon you pull over after the officer turns on their lights, where you pull over, how well you park your car when you pull over, how you smell, how you look, and how you react to the officer’s instructions and questions.
  • Do not take a field sobriety test. If requested, you must comply with a blood, breath, or urine test.
  • If the officer asks to search your vehicle, calmly and politely refuse. If the officer has probable cause to search your vehicle, he/she will not ask for your permission.
  • If the officer has suspicion that you or someone in the car is armed, he/she may perform a pat down for weapons to ensure his/her safety.
  • Once you have been arrested, tell the officer that you want to speak to an attorney. Do not speak to anyone until you have discussed your options with your attorney.
  • If a camera crew asks your permission to put you on their reality show, say “No.”

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Photo credit: Elmo H. Love from Flickr