Mock DUI Rescue Educates Public about Drinking and Driving Underage

mock dui accidentOn Saturday, Buckeye Firefighters staged a mock DUI rescue in a Walmart parking lot that included a vehicle crash, the Jaws of Life, and an evacuation helicopter to take a mock victim to the hospital.  The demonstration was hosted by the Way Out West Coalition to raise awareness about the dangers of underage drinking and driving and to educate people about an ordinance that took effect on April 1st of this year that holds adults legally responsible for enabling underage teenage drinking.  In addition to watching the demonstration, the approximately three hundred people in attendance could try the DUI driving simulator and goggles provided by the Department of Public Safety, and obtain information from booths provided by the Coalition, Buckeye Police Department, Southwest Behavioral Health Services, Arizona Children’s Association, and All Faith Food Bank.  According to Coalition leader Jillian Laham, “We really want to show (people) that underage drinking is a serious thing. In Buckeye, a lot of youth get their alcohol from their parents or older adults in their life and we just want (adults) to know that it’s not an okay thing to do. Kids are still growing up, they’re still learning, their brains are developing and drinking inhibits all of that and it brings out some bad behaviors.”

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