Meeting Held to Advise Parents on How to Keep Kids Safe on Prom Night

prom accidentEarlier this week, the northeast Phoenix school’s Parent Teacher Association held a meeting titled “Prom: Keeping it Safe” to discuss the parents’ role in keeping their children safe on prom night.  Specifically, Horizon Principal Dan Courson warned parents about after-prom parties where students may have access to drugs and alcohol and also may engage in inappropriate sexual activity.  In addition, Principal Courson advised parents allowing their children to take party buses to speak with the bus or limo company in advance about its policies regarding underage drinking.  Further, parents were informed that police officers and school security officials will attend the prom and will monitor students who appear to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.  Principal Courson said, “If a student does test positive for alcohol, we do contact the parent immediately and ask the parent to come pick up their son or daughter.”

Additionally, parents were told that they could be held legally responsible for things that happen at their home.  Neil Gattan, a youth minister who has worked with Horizon High School students for fifteen (15) years, said, “Somebody’s going to be hosting a huge party and some parents are going to allow alcohol. It’s ridiculous to say ‘We’re hosting a drinking party here. It’s safer here.’ You can’t make those decisions for other parents.” Mr. Gattan encouraged parents to talk with their children about every detail of prom, and to remind their children that while they are allowed to make some decisions, the parent is in charge.

Finally, Principal Courson said about the prom “It really is such a landmark occasion for our students. Unfortunately, it’s often associated along with some behaviors that lead to destructive ends. We hope to take this as an opportunity to plan that night so that you know what exactly is going to happen from start to finish.”

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