Man Cited for Sign Telling Drivers to “Turn Now” Before DUI Checkpoint

A man in Parma, Ohio took it upon himself to warn other residents of the upcoming DUI checkpoint. Doug Odolecki put up a sign that said, “Checkpoint ahead! Turn now!” Odolecki was issued a ticket for obstruction of justice, and his sign was confiscated.   However, Odolecki wasn’t sharing any breaking news; officers are required by law to alert residents a week before a DUI checkpoint is set up, and they must disclose the exact location—with the start and end times—a few hours before it begins. Officers took issue with the “turn now” portion of the sign. Officers gave him the option to keep the sign but remove the “turn now.” Odolecki refused.

Odolecki plans to fight the ticket in court, for which he could face up to 90 days in jail and pay up to a $700 fine.

“He’s not in the street. He’s not doing anything at all to physically interfere or impair the police ability to conduct their checkpoint at the checkpoint site. It’s absolutely free speech under the First Amendment,” said Attorney John Gold.

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Source: www.19actionnews.com

Image Source: theblaze.com