Man Arrested for Stealing Cigarettes from an Individual Detained by Police

Police officers stopped a vehicle Saturday night in Scottsdale near Hayden Road and Northsight Boulevard, which led to a DUI investigation of the driver and the passenger’s arrest for a Phoenix warrant.

An officer placed the suspected drunk driver in a squad car and placed the driver’s wallet, cellular phone and cigarettes on the back of the car to be held for the driver. As the officer walked away, a man later identified as Jay Wade, 28, allegedly walked up to the car and took the cigarettes, according to reports obtained by 12 News.

An officer saw this and told Wade to stop. After a brief struggle, the officer placed Wade in handcuffs and found the pack of cigarettes allegedly taken from the squad car.

Wade kept insisting he was only kidding and that took the cigarettes as a joke. Wade also thought his arrest was a joke, even after he was booked into jail, police reports show.

While in jail, officers used a breathalyzer and determined Wade’s blood-alcohol content to be .110, according to the report.

Wade is facing charges of theft, resisting arrest, obstructing a criminal investigation and being drunk in public.

Police were unable to continue the drunk-driving investigation, though the DUI suspect told officers he wanted to press charges against Wade for taking his cigarettes.

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