Man Arrested for Aggravated DUI after Hit-and-Run in Mesa

On Saturday April 28th, Mesa Police arrested Jay C. Brown for aggravated DUI and other driving offenses after a hit-and-run accident. The accident occurred near Dobson Road and Southern Avenue just before 6:30pm.

According to the report, Brown was found sitting in his car only 200 yards away from the accident. The police officer who encountered Brown noticed that he was holding a beer can and a glass filled with an amber colored liquid. The 36 year-old reportedly told the officer that he “shouldn’t be driving. I just had a six pack just right now.” Mesa Police tested Brown’s blood alcohol content and found it was 0.165. Brown’s statement to police can and probably will be used against him in court, even though he was legally drunk when he said it and may not have been able to prevent himself from speaking.

Brown’s blood alcohol content was high enough that he could have been arrested for extreme DUI in Arizona, which is a misdemeanor. However, Brown has had two other DUIs in the past 84 months, so he was arrested for suspicion of aggravated DUI, which is felony. If Brown is convicted of aggravated DUI, he will face at least 4 months in jail, up to $150,000 in fines, a revoked driver’s license, up to 10 years on probation, alcohol education and treatment, and he will be required to install an ignition interlock device on his vehicle for at least 24 months after his driving privileges have been reinstated.

Brown was also arrested for driving with a revoked driver’s license, possession of an open container, and leaving the scene of a vehicular accident. He will face additional penalties if he is convicted of any of these charges.

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Photo credit: Kev from Flickr