Jail Costs or Resort Vacation

As one of the many penalties that come along with a DUI conviction you may have heard of jail costs or jail fees. Typically this number is left as an unknown when calculating the cost of a typical DUI and for good reason. The price of jail costs will differ from city to city and on the number of days you are required to spend in jail.

However, to give you an idea of just how expensive jail costs are we can look at a specific example. If you are found guilty for a DUI in Mesa you can expect jail fees of about $237 for your first day incarcerated and about $90 every day thereafter.

After doing a quick search of resort prices in phoenix right now you’ll find that the price you pay for the privilege to spend a day in jail is more than a five star resort. Current prices for a room at the Phoenician are around $190 a night ($50 less than your first day in jail), the Sanctuary on Camelback resort is about $160 a night ($80 less than your first day in jail), and the FireSky resort and spa is, in comparison, a mere $90 a night ($150 less than your first day in jail and the same price as every other day spent in jail).

Not even taking into account the other expenses involved in a DUI, jail fees alone are reason enough to find another way to get home. Be safe, take a cab, have a designated driver, get a sober friend to pick you up, and with all the money you save you may just want to treat yourself and your designated driver to a resort vacation.

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