Independent Blood Test for Drunk Driving Charges. Call a Lawyer for DUI at a DUI Law Office Today

blood testWhen police officers arrest a person for an Arizona DUI, a sample of the person’s blood is drawn to test his or her blood alcohol content (BAC).  In addition to this sample, a person arrested for DUI has the right to seek an independent test of his blood, and the officers should advise the person of his or her right to independent testing. However, many people are unaware of this right, may not be informed upon arrest of this right and are unaware of the importance of this test.  In addition, many people fail to seek the test based on inconvenience or frustration over being charged with DUI.  Although it may be difficult to locate a facility that is open to have your blood drawn and you may feel traumatized over being charged with DUI, it is important that you seek this test immediately upon your release from custody. This is important for many reasons: (1) If you wait to have your blood drawn until it is convenient for you, much of the alcohol may have left your system and the test may no longer be useful to your drunk driving case; (2) Contrary to what most people think, the blood tests done by the police are not always 100% accurate, and may worsen your chances of a drunk driving conviction; (3) Prosecutors in a drunk driving case are likely to tell the jury that you chose to not have your blood tested by an independent lab even though you had the opportunity and the right to do so.

For these reasons, even though it may not be convenient, if you are arrested for DUI, you should always at least attempt to have an independent sample taken of your blood.  In addition, if you are facing charges for DUI, you should immediately contact a drunk driving lawyer at the DUI law firm Oracle Law Group Office P.C. The drunk driving lawyers at the DUI law firm Oracle Law Group Office P.C. are incredibly knowledgeable in DUI laws, and the Arizona criminal defense lawyers at the DUI law offices Oracle Law Group Office P.C. have helped many people facing DUI charges avoid the consequences of drunk driving.  Find a lawyer for DUI at the DUI law firm Oracle Law Group Office P.C. today to lessen the chances of receiving Arizona’s harsh drinking and driving penalties.