I’m an Arizona Teacher & I Got a DUI – What Do I Do?

No one plans to get a DUI, but when it happens it can be devastating, particularly with Arizona’s mandatory sentences. Teachers will face additional questions about how a DUI will affect their credentials and ability to be teachers.

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Will I Lose My Teaching Credential?
Pre-K – 12 teachers in Arizona are regulated by the State Board of Education. The board determines who will be certified as a teacher and how teachers maintain their credentials.

Getting a DUI will generally not affect your ability to hold a teaching credential, particularly in situations where there were no serious injuries or risk of harm to any children.

If the State Board of Education wishes to suspend or dismiss you, it must provide the charges in writing and give you notice of it and provide you with the ability to request a hearing.

Do I Have To Report It To the State Board of Education?
No. The issue of teachers getting DUIs is handled at the district level. Check the policies for your district to determine if you must report your DUI to your district and the possible consequences and disciple you may face.

Will My DUI Go Onto My Fingerprint Clearance Card?
The State reviews your state and federal criminal history in deciding whether it will issue you a fingerprint clearance card. Your DUI conviction will be reviewed as part of the process; however, having a DUI will not preclude you from getting a fingerprint clearance card.

What If Driving Is Part of My Job?
When you get a DUI, your driver’s license will be suspended for 90 days. You may not legally perform any job functions that involve driving (i.e., driving students on a field trip) while your license is suspended. After the first 30 days of your suspension, you may apply for a restricted driving permit to restore some of your driving privileges.

You will be required to install an ignition interlock device on your vehicle for at least a year after the reinstatement of your driving privileges. If you are caught driving a vehicle without such a device, you will be required to have an interlock device on your vehicle for an additional year.

What About The Mandatory Jail Time?
If you get a DUI, you will have to spend at least 10 days in jail for your first offense. The court may suspend up to 9 of the 10 days if you participate in a drug or alcohol treatment program, which means you may only have to miss 1 day of work if you do not spend your day in jail on a weekend.

Additionally, for longer jail sentences, work-release is often granted where you may work during the day and return to the jail at night.

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