I’m a Truck Driver & I Got A DUI – Can I Still Work?

An Arizona commercial driver license is required for the following drivers:

  • Drivers of heavyweight vehicles,
  • Vehicles hauling a trailer that is 10,001 pounds or more where the combined weight is 26,001 pounds or more,
  • Vehicles capable of carrying 16 or more passengers (including the driver), and
  • Vehicles required to be placarded for hazardous materials.

This law applies to professional semi-truck drivers, large van drivers, and bus drivers. If you are a professional truck driver whose job requires a commercial driver license, and you get a DUI, your commercial (Class A, B, or C) and non-commercial license (Class D or G) will be suspended for at least 90 days.

But I Wasn’t Driving My Work Truck When I Got My DUI . . .
It doesn’t matter. When you get a DUI in Arizona, you lose all of your driving privileges, even the ones you weren’t using when you got your DUI. Your commercial and non-commercial driving privileges will be suspended.

Can I Get a Restricted Commercial License Just for Work?
No. The Arizona Motor Vehicles Department will send you a notification if you are eligible to receive a restricted driver license to go to work or school after your license has been suspended for 30 days; however, this only applies to Class D and G licenses.

Do I Have To Put an Interlock Device on my Work Vehicle When I Get My Driving Privileges Back?
It depends. If you own the company vehicle, you must comply with all the ignition interlock requirements. If your employer owns the vehicle, your employer must complete the Ignition Interlock Employer Notification Form. You must always have the original of this form (not a photocopy) with you whenever you drive a company vehicle.

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Photo credit: J Jackson Photography from Flickr