I have to complete an alcohol or drug screening. What do I do?

If your driver’s license has been suspended for a DUI, you will have to complete an alcohol or drug screening.  You must screen with one of the entities approved by MVD.  That list is on the MVD website www.servicearizona.com.  The approved entities change, so be sure to check the MVD site for up-to-date information.

What you need to do:  look at the list and find an entity closest to you. Call the entity and schedule an appointment for screening.  Bring anywhere from $55-$70 with you and expect to spend anywhere from 15 minutes to one hour.  They will ask you questions and have an interview with you to determine whether or not you have a substance abuse problem and, if so, the seriousness of the addiction.  They will then recommend anywhere from zero to one hundred (0 to 100), really there is no limit, hours of counseling.  The entity that you screen with is responsible for notifying MVD that you have completed the screening.  However, we always recommend that you ask the screening entity for documentation that you completed this requirement.  Obviously, obtaining a copy of any document is good insurance against document mishandling and can save you many hours of stress and inconvenience.   Should MVD be unable to locate the document, you will have proof that you completed the process.

You do not have to complete the counseling to get your license back with MVD; you just have to show MVD proof that you completed the screening

Time is of the essence.  To avoid a delay in reinstatement of your driving privilege, screen as soon as you possibly can. There can be a lag between the time that you screen and the time that MVD is notified that you screened.  If MVD does not receive notification that you screened, your license will not be reinstated.

Does everyone have to screen to have a license reinstated?   Yes, sorry.

The Legal Jargon: Arizona Revised Statute § 28 – 1385.F

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