How will I know if my out-of-State DUIs would be DUIs in Arizona?

This is not easily answered.

First, you must obtain copies of all of your documents from the State in which you were convicted. You must make sure that you actually pled to a DUI and not, for example, a reckless driving.
Second, have an attorney review all of your prior documents to ensure that they are sufficient for use in Arizona. For example, Arizona must receive certified copies of all prior convictions from other States before they can be used as prior convictions.

Third, carefully compare the dates to ensure that all three dates are within an 84-month (seven-year) period. Believe it or not, there have been several occasions where the county attorney has miscalculated this date. Because the consequences of a felony are far more dramatic than those of a misdemeanor, do not spare any expense, effort or time in confirming these facts.

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