How to Reinstate Your Driver License

If you have been accused or convicted of a DUI, you may have lost your driving privileges.  Depending on the severity of your charge, the MVD may have either suspended (a temporary loss of driving privileges, usually for a set time period) or revoked (an indefinite loss of driving privileges) your license.  If this is the case, you should know how to get your driver license back as soon as you are able.

Reinstating Your License after Suspension

The process of reinstating your license depends on the severity of your violation. If the reason for your suspension was minor and its term has ended, you may be able to complete the reinstatement process online with a credit card.

However, if the court ordered your suspension, it must also clear you before you can apply to have your driver license reinstated. If this is case, you may also require an SR-22, or certification of future proof of liability, from your insurance company. For details on your case, you can visit one of the more than 100 MVD offices.

When you have gathered the appropriate paperwork, you must return to the MVD, as you will be required to pay a series of fees. You are actually reapplying for a driver license, so you may be required to take the appropriate vision, written, and behind-the-wheel tests as well.

Reinstating Your License after Revocation

To reinstate your driver license after it has been revoked, you must first obtain an investigation packet by calling the MVD at (800) 251-5866. After you return the completed packet to the MVD, it will take between seven and 10 days to investigate your case.

You will be notified if your request has been approved, at which time you can return to the MVD to reapply for a driver license. In addition to paying the reinstatement and reapplication fees, you may need to take the vision, written, and behind-the-wheel examinations associated with getting a new license.

If, on the other hand, the MVD does not accept your request for reinstatement, you have the option to request an Administrative Hearing to plead your case or wait one more year before reapplying.

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