How to Get Your Vehicle Out of Impound

You will have questions about where your vehicle is and how to get it back.  The agency that arrested you should have provided you with a Notice of Impound which explains your rights and the process surrounding recovery of your vehicle.  The notice of impound should provide the name, address and telephone number of the facility to which your vehicle was towed. The vehicle impound report should also provide the name and contact information of the police station that you would contact to request a hearing.  If the officer failed to provide you with a notice of impound report, then you can call the law enforcement agency that arrested you or look on their website and the information should be available.

You can get your vehicle back on or after the 30th day of impound if you have your driver’s license reinstated. Your driver’s license was likely suspended for 90 days when you were arrested for DUI. You must apply for a restricted driving permit through the Motor Vehicles Department to restore some of your driving privileges. Without this, you will not be able to get your vehicle released.

If you receive your restricted driving permit or have your driving privileges reinstated prior to 30 days after your DUI arrest, you may reclaim your vehicle early.  You may also bring a licensed driver with you to reclaim your vehicle. The licensed driver will have to take responsibility for the vehicle and agree to not allow you to drive the vehicle until your driver’s license is reinstated.

Once you have your driving privileges restored, you must contact the police department in the city where you were arrested to get a release form. You must show a valid driver’s license, vehicle registration, and proof of insurance to get this. You must also pay an administrative fee. The towing company will not release your vehicle to you without a release form. It’s best to call the police department in advance to see where you need to go, if you need an appointment, and what forms of payment they accept. Here are the phone numbers for the local police stations for arranging an impound hearing.

  • Apache Junction: 480-982-8260
  • Avondale: 623-333-7014
  • Buckeye: 623-349-6444
  • Chandler: 480-782-4109
  • El Mirage: 623-433-9500
  • Gilbert: 480-635-7511
  • Glendale: 623-930-3255
  • Goodyear: 623-882-7400
  • Maricopa: 520-316-6918
  • Mesa: 480-644-6080
  • Paradise Valley: 480-948-7418
  • Peoria: 623-773-7086
  • Phoenix: 602-495-2096
  • Scottsdale: 480-312-5314
  • Surprise: 623-222-4333
  • Tempe: 480-350-8465
  • Department of Public Safety (DPS):  602-223-2504
  • Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office: 602-876-1011

The Legal Jargon: Arizona Revised Statutes §§ 28-3511 – 3514

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