How the court you’re in will impact the outcome of your case

Question: If I get charged with DUI, does it make a difference what court I report to?

Answer: Yes, absolutely. Why? Every court has different policies. For example, city courts have home detention programs but justice courts do not. Therefore, if you get an extreme dui in a city court, you can do part of your sentence in jail and majority on home detention. But if you get convicted of an extreme dui in a justice court, home detention is not an option and any jail time ordered must be served in the county facility

It’s not over yet.

Why? Because courts have discretion to reduce your jail time if you agree to put an interlock in your vehicle. However, this policy is completely at the discretion of the judge before whom you appear. Some judges or courts will do this for you, and other courts refuse to do so because they do not want the administrative burden of administering the program.

Conclusion: the court in which you appear can have a critical impact on the outcome of your case.

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