How Much Jail Time am I facing if Convicted of DUI?

In Arizona, a person’s jail/prison sentence will be based on numerous factors: (1) The person’s level of intoxication when arrested for DUI; (2) The person’s driving record prior to the DUI (in particular, any previous DUI’s); (3) Whether the person was also involved in a collision at the time of the DUI; (4) Whether the collision caused injury to another party; (5) The Judge imposing the sentence; (6) The Specific Court in which the person is sentenced; (7) Whether the person was driving with a passenger or child in the vehicle; and (8) Whether the Judge imposing the sentence feels the person has accepted responsibility for his actions.

This list is not all inclusive, and of course, a Phoenix DUI attorney will attempt to negotiate your Arizona DUI charge to a lesser offense.  If you have been arrested for DUI, contact a Phoenix DUI attorney at the DUI Law Office Oracle Law Group Office P.C. today!