Home Detention Also Known As House Arrest: Who Gets It?

To be eligible:

1)       You must be employed in the county in which you are incarcerated;

2)       You agree to pay the costs for all electronic monitoring fees, unless the sheriff assesses a lesser fee following determination that you are unable to pay;

3)       You do not constitute a risk to self or other members of the community;

4)       You do not have a history of violent behavior;

5)       You have not been convicted of a serious offense as defined in Arizona Revised Statutes (A.R.S.) § 13-706 or been sentenced as a dangerous offender pursuant to § 13-704 or repetitive offender pursuant to § 13-703;

6)       Your jail time is being served as a result of a misdemeanor conviction and not a felony conviction;

7)       Your sentencing judge has not rendered you ineligible for prisoner work, community restitution work, home detention program or a continuous alcohol monitoring program; and

8)       You are not being held for violations in any other jurisdiction.

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