Glendale Officer’s Outstanding Commitment Gets Noticed

Photo used under Creative Commons from banspy

Glendale is getting a lot of media attention surrounding DUIs lately, but not for reasons that seem so obvious.
We blogged Monday about how over 100 volunteers in the Glendale DUI task force save the city police department nearly a half million dollars annually.
And now, we’re reporting that Glendale motor officer David Vidaure has recently been honored for his dedication to removing tipsy drivers from the streets of Arizona.
The Arizona chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving presented Officer Vidaure, age 31, with one of its 2010 DUI Enforcement Awards for his “outstanding commitment” to reducing drunken driving.
Following in the footsteps of his father, a retired DPS motor officer, Vidaure said he was drawn to police work at a young age. Vidaure actively pursued a position with the DUI squad after starting with the Glendale department as a patrol and neighborhood traffic officer in 2003.
Vidaure was nominated for the award by his supervisor, Sgt. Mark Malinski, who wrote a glowing four-page letter to MADD explaining why Vidaure deserves recognition.
Apparently Sgt. Malinksi has a way with words.
Vidaure was selected for the “outstanding commitment” award not only because of the outstanding letter his Sgt. wrote, but also because of his high number of DUI arrests and professionalism on the job.
In recognition, he was given an honorary plaque and honored at MADD’s banquet in February along with about 20 other officers from throughout the state.
In 2009, Vidaure had a highly successful year. He arrested 128 suspected impaired drivers, the most of any Glendale officer. Aside from arrests, he volunteered his time speaking at local schools on the risks of impaired driving or driving while texting. Vidaure’s peers also selected him to receive the award for Glendale Motor Officer of the Year.