Getting a DUI: Not Always a Bad Experience!

You had a drink or two, feel perfectly able to drive when suddenly flashing police lights and blaring sirens envelope you. Being charged with a DUI may actually not be as bad as you think. By no means are we condoning this behavior, but rather, trying to put it into a different perspective for you. Believe it or not, getting a DUI can actually have a positive impact on your life, and cause you to make positive changes.

Take Chelsea Handler for example; she is a successful American comedian, actress, author, talk show host, and producer, who actually got her big break after receiving a DUI. During a court ordered DUI class, Chelsea had to stand up and tell her arrest story to the entire group. Chelsea describes how horrified she was to do it at first, but as soon as she started speaking about her experience, she had the entire class laughing to tears. She describes this as one of the best moments of her life. After her DUI class, Handler went on to pursue her new found comedic talent, and now, has made numerous television appearances and hosts her own late-night talk show, Chelsea Lately on E! Entertainment Television. For Chelsea, getting a DUI was one of the best things that could have happened. Most importantly, she learned her lesson about the dangers of driving impaired. While the penalties for receiving a DUI are stiff, Chelsea’s story shows that something positive can result from this dismal experience.

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