Fourth Avenue Jail to Offer Substance Abuse Program

The much overdue substance-abuse program finally makes its way into the Fourth Avenue Jail in downtown Phoenix, and is available to those inmates who need it the most. The intensive substance-abuse program, known as the Alpha Program, was typically only available to inmates who presented low risk of re-offending. The need to target the more serious offenders who have high likelihoods of re-offending has now been addressed, and new county-wide eligibility standards have been put in place.

Since it began back in 1996, Alpha has graduated nearly 6,100 inmates from its program. Alpha has proven to be successful, and is intended to keep the public safe and free from repeat offenders. Despite the program appearing to be a public benefit as well, the money for it is actually funded almost exclusively by inmate services. Career services, parenting classes, and a cognitive restructuring program are offered in addition to the substance-abuse counseling. Inmates who are currently in the Fourth Avenue Jail and are repeat offenders see this program as an opportunity to regain their lives and return to the outside world as a contributing member of society.