Former Miss USA Gets Probation For DUI

Rima Fakih was crowned Miss USA in 2010. Fakih was arrested for DUI in December 2011 when a breath test showed that her blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit. She pled “no contest” to the charge. On May 9th, the 26 year-old was sentenced to 6 months of probation, 20 hours of community service, an alcohol safety class, and $600 in fines by a Michigan court.

Fakih would not have been so lucky if she was convicted of DUI in Arizona. If she had a blood alcohol content of 0.16% here, she would have been charged with extreme DUI. Even though this is a misdemeanor charge, it still comes with stiff penalties. The punishment for pleading no contest or being convicted of your first extreme DUI charge in Arizona includes:

  • At least 30 days in jail,
  • Up to $2500 in fines (plus surcharges),
  • 30 day vehicle impoundment,
  • At least 90 days driver’s license suspension,
  •  Ignition interlock device for 12-18 months,
  • Mandatory alcohol screening and counseling,
  • Community service, and
  • 5 years of probation.

Arizona has some of the steepest penalties for DUI convictions and mandatory sentences. If you are arrested for DUI, it’s imperative that you seek representation from an experienced Arizona DUI attorney. If you’ve been arrested for extreme DUI, please contact a lawyer for DUI at Oracle Law Group Office P.C. for assistance with your DUI case.

Photo credit: Robynlou Kavanagh from Flickr