Five Common Mistakes in Arizona DUI Law

The following are five common mistakes people make in their Arizona DUI cases:

1. I didn’t take the charge seriously.
People often view their charge like it’s a traffic ticket. A DUI charge is NOT a traffic ticket and it should NOT be taken lightly.

2. I hired the same guy I called from the police station.
The attorney you call from the police station may not be the best option for defending you in a DUI case. Make sure you take some time to survey your options, and never hesitate to call Oracle Law Group Office.

3. I ignored the summons because I was in Arizona on vacation.
Some simply figure they will never come to Arizona again and it won’t hurt them. However, Arizona can suspend your license hold a warrant for your arrest. Please don’t simply ignore a DUI because it’s issued in a state other than where you live.

4. I didn’t hire an attorney.
Some think they can simply fight the charge themselves. Please do not attempt this. We are very skilled in fighting DUI charges here at Oracle Law Group Office and can present your case in ways you simply may not even know possible.

5. I didn’t exercise my rights.
People who don’t feel drunk may think they can talk their way out of a DUI. Careful, because what you say can likely get twisted around in the police report, and the police officer may describe you as a slurring, belligerent, idiot. Always remember you can exercise your right to remain silent.