Federal Push For Lowered DUI Limits

It’s a normal night, you’ve gone out to dinner at a fancy restaurant, watched a game at a sports bar, stopped by a friend’s house after a long day of work. You have one drink. You think to yourself, I feel fine, its only one drink, there’s no way I am impaired, and you’re ready to drive home legally… or are you?

The National Transportation and Safety Board has begun a push for the states to lower the blood alcohol content level for DUI from the current 0.08 standard to 0.05. Therefore, depending on your weight, you could be arrested and charged with driving under the influence after one drink. The Associated Press reports that a woman of about 120 pounds could possibly register 0.05 after one drink. A man weighing around 160 pounds could register the same after just two drinks.

Drunk driving is against the law. Motorists must be responsible when it comes to alcohol consumption. It is simple. If you drink, do not drive. If you drive, do not drink.

In the United States fatal accidents involving drunken drivers take 10,000 lives a year. According to the NTSB, European countries that have gone to the 0.05 percent standard have seen traffic deaths caused by drunken driving decrease by more than half within 10 years. So the prospect of saving 5,000 lives may motivate the change.

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