Fame Won’t Pardon Your DUI

Flickr User: monay2

We read about celebrities every day on the covers of magazines and watch them on the big screens. While they certainly lead a very privileged life, not even they can escape the repercussions of DUI laws.

Former “Hills” star Jason Wahler, most commonly known for his bad boy ways on the MTV reality show and in real life, is going for an all-time international party boy record. He was charged last week with two counts of DUI after his second alcohol-related arrest in a month.

According to the Orange County District Attorney, Wahler — whose blood alcohol level was allegedly .15% when he was busted on March 19 — faces six months in jail if convicted.

Just a week earlier, Wahler was arrested after a bar fight in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico — then mysteriously bailed out and traveled back across the border to start more trouble.

Hopefully he can tame his irresponsible ways and be smarter about alcohol consumption and getting behind the wheel.

Remember, driving while intoxicated is a serious offense no matter your socioeconomic state class in life.

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