The Effects of Underage Drinking Contact a Phoenix AZ DUI Attorney

maddDrinking alcohol as a teenager can have many long-term damaging effects.  For example, according to Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), a person’s brain continues to grow into his or her early twenties, and a person who drinks alcohol during that time can experience permanent damage in short and long-term brain growth.  Further, according to MADD, teenagers are far more sensitive to the effects of alcohol than are adults.  Specifically, MADD reports that teenagers are more likely than adults to suffer alcohol-related effects such as memory loss, blackouts, and alcohol poisoning.  Furthermore, according to MADD, teenagers who drink alcohol perform worse in school, and have an increased likelihood of experiencing depression, suicidal thoughts and violence.  Additionally, MADD has determined that more than forty percent of children who start drinking alcohol before they are thirteen years old will either abuse alcohol or become dependent on alcohol at some point in their life.  Specifically, fourteen million people are dependent on alcohol and ninety-five percent of them began drinking before age twenty-one.

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