What are the first steps I should take if I am arrested for a DUI?

Call a Lawyer

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Being arrested for a DUI can be a very scary experience, but it’s important to remain calm and try to stay in control of your situation. Becoming angry, emotional or defensive won’t help your case but rather, will probably make the arresting officer more apt to put you behind bars. Becoming hot-headed may also make it more difficult for a lawyer to later effectively argue your defense in court to prove your innocence or get the charges reduced.

Once arrested for a DUI, it is wise to seek counsel immediately. DUI defense lawyers have specialty training and knowledge that can really help get you out of the charges or help get you minimal punishment. The single most important thing you can do for yourself is to find a qualified attorney who knows DUI law.

Expect the DUI lawyer to initiate a comprehensive interview with you before accepting your case. The information exchanged between you and your potential defense lawyer is completely confidential, so feel free to share every tiny detail and be honest with this person.

The lawyer will review all of the written documents pertaining to the arrest, the breath or blood test report, and the traffic ticket that was written. This initial interview should last approximately an hour. The lawyer will discuss every aspect of your DUI case and the applicable laws at this time.

If the lawyer decides to accept your case, he or she will then present you with a detailed written contract for your review. If you agree to the terms of the contract, you will then become the attorney’s client and the attorney will then start the representation process.

In every state, when someone is arrested for DUI, there are two jurisdictions to defend oneself against—the court and the DMV. The court will try to give you fines and punish you in other ways, and the DMV will try to take away your driving privileges.

There are strict time limits within which the DMV must be contacted to avoid automatic license suspension. Your lawyer should be able to advise you on such details.

Really, this is the tip of the iceberg, as DUI arrests can be very sticky situations. Stay calm and contact a DUI lawyer to ensure you’re best representing yourself and what took place the night you got arrested for DUI.

This post was intended to provide general information only and is not intended as specific legal advice. You should not rely upon this information alone, but should consult legal counsel regarding the application of the laws and regulations discussed and as applied to your specific case or circumstance.