DUI Drug Arrests Increase in the Valley

During the recent holiday period of November 21, 2012 until January 1, 2013, there were a total of 540 DUI arrests in the Southeast Valley. Of those arrests, 63% were for DUI drugs alone. Since last year, while the number of DUI arrests dropped 13.4% statewide, the number of DUI drug arrests increased by 9%.

Why such an increase of DUI drug arrests in the Valley? There are many factors that can contribute to the increase, but the main reasons are better law enforcement and more people abusing prescription and synthetic drugs. In the past, officers were only able to suspect a driver was impaired by a substance other than alcohol. Now, due to an increase in additional training, officers can better identify the symptoms of drug usage. Although symptoms vary by drug, the most common include bloodshot or watery eyes, slow or slurred speech, odors, and driving behavior. With better drug-recognition training in the Valley and a greater availability of prescription drugs, it is expected that the number of DUI drug arrests will continue to rise.

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