DUI Arrests Decline in Southeast Valley

Since 2008, DUI arrests across the Southeast Valley have decreased, and depending on who you ask, you may hear a completely different explanation as to the reason for the decline.  For example, according to Derek Neighbors, an entrepreneur in Chandler, the decrease in DUI arrests can be linked to a DUI grant received by the City of Chandler through which the City has been able to increase the amount of resources allocated to the enforcement of DUI.  Alternatively, Tempe Retired Police Officer, Bill Richardson said “I think the government and police have done an effective job scaring the hell out of those who would have two (2) or three (3) beers but who now stop at one (1) or two (2), or none at all.”  Mesa Marketing Director, RC Price, believes the decline in DUI arrests can either be attributed to people not drinking and driving as frequently or to Police not catching those who are driving under the influence.  Mr. Price said, “Given that the booze biz has historically proven to be recession proof while municipal services are generally anything but, I’m guessing it’s the latter” (Police not catching drunk drivers).  According to Ahwatukee Community Organizer, John Rodriguez, the decrease in DUI arrests can be attributed to several factors namely tougher penalties for DUI such as stiff DUI fines, jail time, loss of driving privileges and mandatory DUI programs.  Finally, Mesa freelance writer, Patricia Curren, believes the decrease may be the result of harsher legal penalties as well as the efforts of groups such as Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD).

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